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its been a while}
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 | 4:25 PM | 0Comment

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Assalamualaikum and hey!

yup its been a while since i posted on blog. pheuwh awkwardnya and taktau nak tulis apa  hahaaha sebab dah lama tak ber-blogging! so now i would like to try again :p

A lot of things happened lately and i dont know what to let out first.
but most of the 'things' i've been through were really hard for me, including my SPM result ..
well most people said, "okaylah tu" , "spm tak penting sangat pun" and so on.
yai admit its not that bad but for me, for my mother and father, i want THE BEST for them. and for me of course. but we only can plan , Allah decide it for us, right?
so yeah, alhamdulillah i/m thankful for this because i think in every single thing that had happened, there's hikmah in it. Insha Allah.

And i really hope that i will get the best course in University in like less than 2 months from now?

Fuhhhhhhhhhh! i'm a big girl now ha. haha i cant believe this T_T
i really want to be the girl who shopping with mum every time she's going out, i really want to cook with her like everyday we used to, i really want to follow her every where she go and i know i will not be able to do all these again once i step my foot in University. Mum, i really gonna miss you so much and yeah, dad too :(

dang it,
i'm not entering University life yet but i'm starting to miss mum this much. (i dont know if i can handle this when i'm no longer at home) ((please be strong))

however..............in the same time, i really really looking forward to experience University life! haha weird me.
i'm gonna have new friends yeay :D hehehe

ha dah. tu je kot? haha i have no idea what  to type........so this is for now :)

-missing my friends so badly that i slowly mereput kat rumah..............hahhaah jk i'm still healthy tak mereput kayh ><

take care and bye :3