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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 | 11:19 PM | 0Comment

Last day of 2013<3 Happy new year! | via Tumblr 


hai. okay i'm kinda of wordless. dont know what to write and type. got no idea right now erm
so yeap today is the last day of 2013. my form 4 year gonna end less than 3 hours. but in Islam's calendar its already Safar now. which is the second month of 1435//2014. 

tonight, i would like to thank all those people who be with me all the time through my thick and thin.
of course my first thank and grateful is dedicated to my family , my love for you all will never fade till my last breath, cause youre my soul and my inspiration! may Allah bless our happy family till akhirah inshaAllah

my second thank is for my beloved loved loved friends. also thankyou all my gorgeous/handsome girl friends and guy friends for being there when i need you the most. whoever  i am to you, i'm gonna love you for being ma friend thank you so much my dearest xo
also, thanks for the good and bad memories we had together because it makes me stronger ha ha
may our friendship last forever cause i want us to make more memories and best moment in my life before one of us separate or wtv it is will happen in the future. may Allah bless you my friend :)

well, my words may be not that meaningful to you but you guys really meant so much to me 


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh cannot believe this. i'm getting older now. and the sad ugly truth is i will be 17 by 2014. which means that i'm going to take my SPM examination next year.
ya i'm too young too cute to be seventeen. gahh lol. FACE THE TRUTH, Aina 
but i know i will do my best and struggle for it starting tomorrow or on 2nd january 2014 hehehe inshaAllah
and my wish is that my social web and network will not be as active as i am right now.
i will try to not addicted to social network by next year , inshaAllah :D
and i hope my effort will not  disappointed others , may Allah bless

till we meet again readers , happy new year!
i'm still sweet sixteen ok

2014, i'm ready