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Thursday, December 19, 2013 | 12:50 PM | 0Comment

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assalamualaikum & hello peeps

so yeah school will reopen less than 14 days which means holidays is coming to end.
and i'm trying to recall back what have i done on spending my holiday.
but then ... i dont do anything. i didnt revised back my form 4 syllabus , this is really bad.
i said , i aim to get 9A's for my SPM. but i have no effort on it. no effort to make it real.
i really need to make it reality not as a word. serious ah hm.
okay i promised to myself to study start next week. yeah go for it Aina! make it as reality because you can
in sha Allah :)


tbh, i am tired of all this things.
tired of pretending tht i dont care but i really truly care.
im trying to care less.
but i just cannot.
ah just forget it not important anyway


btw, congrats to all batch 98's! today is your RESULT DAY right? ha ha the nervous . i can imagined it
but the happiness only less for like erm 1 month? ha yeah i've felt it before
how i missed being form 3 students. that pressure of taking exam is not like form 4 & 5 students, its just too different! so cherish your happiness today because next year there will be no more 'happiness' like today.
congrats to those who managed to get straight A's especially 98's Wmians!

next year gonna be my year.. ha ha  i just cannot ready ugh. may the success be mine and ours, 97's :)

bye for now, cherish your holiday before it ends :p
takecare lovelies xx

come back faster plis i really want to talk to you :(